'Hands-on' Molecular Genetics Workshop



This workshop gives post-16 students a chance to use research-quality equipment to analyse their own DNA. They learn more about how genetic techniques are used in science and healthcare. This workshop was first established in 2006, and we have now delivered it to over 1,800 students. 


The central part of the workshop is spent extracting DNA from cells, running a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and then visualising DNA on an electrophoresis gel. The practical work is framed around a series of interactive explanations, quizzes and discussion activities. At the end of the workshop, students can see their DNA in a band glowing on a gel, which brings the day to a satisfying end.

This day-long workshop offers an exciting opportunity to learn about PCR and other important techniques in molecular genetics. The workshop includes:

  • Extracting DNA from cheek cells
  • Setting up PCR on this DNA sample
  • Running electrophoresis to visualise the results of PCR
  • Discussing the social and ethical issues including reporting results to patients

This workshop is heavily subscribed each year and we receive extremely positive feedback from both students and teachers. Students clearly enjoy the opportunity to try advanced techniques themselves and discuss some challenging dilemmas about how these technologies are used.

The workshop is delivered by members of the Nowgen team and researchers from local universities who share their experiences from research and clinical practice. They teach in the state-of-the-art laboratory within the Nowgen Centre.

Comments from teachers:
“Excellent – innovative, interactive and kept them busy – Ofsted would have been impressed!"

“Excellent organisation. Spot on to AQA ‘A’ spec. contents. Pitched at right level. Practical work very clearly explained. Excellent visual resources. Good pace of day. Kate and Mark created a very welcoming and supportive environment.”

Cost: £300 per workshop for up to 25 students
Limited places available so please book early

For more information regarding this workshop or to make a booking, please contact the Nowgen Events Team:
Phone: +44 (0)161 276 5956
Email: bookings@nowgen.org.uk

Nowgen can run the workshop on a date of your choice throughout the academic year. Please call the Nowgen Events Team on 0161 276 5956 to make a booking enquiry.

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